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Cattolica Aquarium

Parco Marino Le Navi Cattolica
Parco Marino Le Navi Cattolica

The biggest Aquarium of the Adriatic Coast is waiting for you; a unique experience one step to the thrill. 2.500.000 liter of marine water with 70 exhibition tanks which show over 3000 specimen of 400 species coming from the seas and oceans of the world. The Cattolica Aquarium leeds visitors through astounding submarine scenarios and in a world of colours and fun. Red and black anemonefish, marine turtles, medusa and the big sharks will help you to love and protect the sea. Dive into the Shark’s tank! The adventurous visitors may be glad to know that diving among the sharks is possible at Cattolica Aquarium: protected by a steel cage and a self sufficient air system, visitors may be lowered in the tank and enjoy an unforgettable “face-to-face” encounter with sharks, on a European exclusive basis. Only on reservation. Book your hotel in Cattolica and find out other theme parks!

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